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June 30 2017

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laser-free diet.

y'all need to hear about gerb.

gerb was my high school physics teacher. (gerb is short for mr. gerber.) when we were learning about radiation and whatnot, and we touched on radiation poisoning, gerb decided to tell us a story.

when gerb was in high school, he worked in a supermarket. a cashier. there was this one little old lady, mrs. cassopolis, who was a regular. mrs. cassopolis firmly believed that the lasers used to scan her food items would give her radiation poisoning. they tried to explain that’s not a thing. but old cass wouldn’t hear a word of it.

the employees had to punch in every. last. grocery. item. MANUALLY.

and this woman would buy cartfulls of food every week, like any good grandma trying to feed her five children and eighteen grandchildren every time they come for a Sunday visit. so pretty soon, the employees figured out a strategy to get her on her way and get on with their lives.

one or more employees would distract old cass while the cashier would scan all the items he could as fast as humanly possible while she wasn’t paying attention.

now this supermarket had a rewards program for its most efficient workers. the computer would track how quickly the cashiers scanned items, and how many total they scanned in one day, that kind of thing. so one day, gerb’s boss came to him and said “uh,”

“you scanned three hundred items in six minutes last Tuesday during your shift”
and gerb says “i recall”
“that’s about four times faster than anything i’ve ever seen”
and gerb says “yea ok”
“jeremy what happened?”

and gerb says

“i had to save a little old woman from placebo radiation”

June 29 2017

Some people survive chaos and that is how they grow. And some people thrive in chaos, because chaos is all they know.
Chaos | Nikita Gill (via meanwhilepoetry)


sex is like outlast
people are exploding, you lose your fingers, eddie gluskin is there

hey guys.

so i’m leaving this account.
i’ve had it for three years and reblogged 54,821 posts, liked 106,051 posts, followed 192 people and been followed by 642 (half of which are most likely p0rn bots). i still have 424 drafts and 182 things in the queue, with this post being the 183rd. i have thirty-three blogs under this account, twenty-four of which are saved urls. up until about 45 minutes ago, one of those was @ghxstwriter. that’s where you’ll find me now.
i’m not deleting this blog, there’s too much on it for me to be able to comfortably destroy it. this post is set to publish after the last piece of actual content in the queue goes out, so it’ll be the last thing on this blog.

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Внебрачный сын пчелы и тигра…


That moment when you walk into a boss battle and you haven’t saved in a while:

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Ohh damn 😂 plot twist

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Omg this kid doesn’t deserve 20 years in prison for protecting his own mother! This is fucking ridiculous. It was definitely a defense. He’s 13 years now, just imagine how traumatized he must be after watching his mother getting sexually abused and brutally beaten by a stranger? I am sure, if the boy was white American he would be carried carefully out of the house and would be given probation. That’s how white privilege works all around the world.

Here you can sign a petition.

My heart broke. Please, share to raise awareness.

yall really gotta stop believin every story you hear on tumblr. jesus christ.

first, i tried to find the story, the top result being this change.org petition followed by a bunch of stories that were completely unrelated. 

well that didnt work, let’s be a little more specific…

the one result that was relevant came from a site called wnews.world whose front page looks like a goddamn tabloid had sex with a hipster minimalist web designer.

you can find a link to the related story here, though i recommend against clicking and giving them any kind of attention. CW: death.


finally, i attempted a reverse image search, which didn’t provide anything more helpful beyond twitter accounts retweeting this same exact thing you fuckers fell for.

but i did find another article, which tells a different story.

huh that picture looks familiar….

but wait, what’s this?

a picture of the same kid at a different angle?

and one of him with his mom, also at a different angle?


you can find the real article here:


please stop blindly believing everything you see on the internet. i do it too sometimes and i need a slap in the face when i do. i hope you take this as your slap in the face.

i have nothing but love for you and only want you to be aware about the things you believe in. false stories like this spread like wildfire because they were created just to be shared as many times as possible to make money for the organizations that create them. 

dont give them the attention they dont deserve.


i kept seeng this shit on my dash; please take note peeps.

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Amy Dunne: *drops mic*

(This is probably my favorite rant in literature)

Mayor Cuts Down Man’s 30-Year-Old Majestic Tree, His Revenge Is Awesome



This is one of the best stories we read in a long time. An arborist AKA a tree caretaker and tree surgeon from Redondo Beach, California had to watch the death of one of his favorite trees, which was ordered by the mayor. Although he lost a great battle, he won the war. Find out how he avenged the death of his 30-year-old pepper tree named Clyde.

His story was recently shared online and has already been shared over 150k times. RIP Clyde.

Credits: GoblinsStoleMyHouse

Chaotic good 😍

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Video filmed by Brian Nuttall on October 31, 2015 in Nova Scotia shows the Earth “breathing.”

This is caused by roots heaving underground when the tree catches wind.





We maybe have a ghost in our house that has popped up since we’ve had work done on the walls, and random stuff keeps happening but something keeps opening my hamsters cage and leaving it open so I’ve just had to explain to thin air what a hamster is because as my sister pointed out, my house is old af and my ghost probably doesn't know what a hamster is, I’m also leaving it a note in the hopes it can read. 

just to illustrate, I don’t think my ghost means my hamster harm, it’s just confused 

Confused ghost just wants to pet the soft.

This such a harmless haunting

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The Bus

by Paul Kirchner

A graphic novel full of strange one-offs concerning public transit. First published in 1978 in Heavy Metal magazine.

You can read some more HERE

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Great Norwegian Mountain Troll allegedly photographed in December 1942 by the crew of an RAF recon flight 300 miles North of Berge.




  • it is 100% okay to be grossed out by romance
  • it is 100% okay to be grossed out by sex
  • it is 100% okay to not want either of those things near you
  • it is 100% okay to not want them spoken about near you
  • it is 100% okay to remind people that you don’t want them near you or discussed around you
  • it is 100% NOT OKAY to shame anyone for these things

It’s also 100% NOT OKAY to be homophobic just because you feel repulsed by sex/romance

It’s also not okay to call people who don’t find these things gross names (I’ve had that one happen before by friends who weren’t interested in sex calling me names because I was).

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First Disneyland Ticket



look y'all Pokémon eeveelutions are great but eevee has nothing on wild mustard

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